5 Emergency Apps You Want If You Call Portland Home

If anyone has been to Portland, you'll know that it is a rather hip city that's home to unique one-of-a-kind food carts like Grilled Cheese Grill (Try the Cheesus) or the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. But, whether you live here or are just visiting, keep up to date with news that could impact your day with these 5 apps:

  1. PulsePoint (Android or IOS) Ever wonder where that ambulance or fire truck is going? What to wow your dinner guest and be...

Preparedness For The Unthinkable: Active Shooter

It is beyond unthinkable that in the realm of preparedness that I would have to write a post on one of the most preventable things in the areas of tragedy and disaster. Just yesterday, a little over 24 hours ago, 2 gunman stormed a workplace and killed 14 people and injured 17 more in the city of San Bernadino. Earlier that day it was in Savannah. Last month: Colorado Springs. Earlier this year: Roseburg, in my home state of Oregon. Tragedies like these are becoming the normal in a country that has seen violence on this scale happening "over there"...

Emergency Preparedness and Mental Health

One of the commonly overlooked aspects in ‪#‎emergency‬ ‪#‎preparedness ‬is ‪#‎mental‬ health. We encourage individuals and families to stock up supplies, develop a communications plan, maybe practice it a few times and then we store everything in the closet. What we don't practice is how we prepare our minds mentally for what may come about and then don't know how to properly react once we are in that situation.

We MUST prepare our minds now for how we will react in the...

What If I Have To Evacuate For A ‪Wildfire‬ ??

In light of the recent Fort McMurray wildfire in Alberta, Canada, this blog post from last year highlights what to do as we approach wildfire season and how we can prepare. Our thoughts go out to all those affected and displaced due to the fire. 

Wildfires have dominated the news recently and here in Oregon‬ ,‪‎firefighters‬ are fighting multiple large fires throughout the state that have claimed over 30 homes and evacuated‬ many residents living in close proximity to them. 

So if...

Will a Snickers and a Red Bull work???

Ready Northwest's Guide to‪#‎Preparedness‬

Now that you have decided that today is the day that I start creating a‪#‎disaster‬ kit, what do I put in it? As the last article brought out, deciding what to place in your disaster kit is largely dependent on what your needs are and what disaster risks you are.

‪#‎FEMA‬ guidelines for assembling a BASIC disaster kit are:

‪#‎Water‬- one gallon of water per person per day for at...